Underground Utility Locating
Underground Utility Designating

Locating Underground Utilities
Designating Underground Utilities

The terms Utility Locating & Utility Designating are often used interchangeably in the industry. Whichever you call it, if you are in the initial design or civil engineering phase of your project you need a Company with over 30 years experience to locate and designate underground utilities that are on your project to avoid hazards and costly delays due to unexpected surprises.   
We use modern technologies such as electro-magnetic underground utility detection equipment to locate cables, pipes, conduits, duct banks, storage tanks and other buried structures that carry underground electric, water, gas, communication, and storm water utilities.
For locating non metallic cables and pipes, Utilities Search has got you covered. We can employ Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to detect and locate plastic, transite, concrete, fiber, and other non-ferrous underground utilities. Regardless of the scope of what is underground in your construction project, we’ve got your covered as we uncover the information you need to know before you find them by accident. (Ouch! *#^)!#$#) We’ll find, locate, designate, and mark them for you.
When you need the exact location and depth, we have you covered there as well with our safe and non-destructive Air Vacuum Excavating Test Pitting services.

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Utility Locating / Utility Designating
(Horizontal Location of Utilities)

Utilities Search employs state of the art electro-magnetic underground utility location equipment including Metrotech, Radio Detection, Fisher, Dynatel, Pipehorn, and many more.  Utilities Search has the capability to locate both ferrous and non-ferrous material such as concrete, pvc, transite, and clay pipes.  Highly trained locators will detect and mark the underground utilities using the appropriate approve color code.  Our technicians have years of experience designating.  The best detection equipment is useless without the skill and experience to correctly interpret the data.

More Services

Utility Record Research

Utility Record Research can be carefully conducted to retrieve from utility companies, facilities plants, and government jurisdictions all available plans, plats, drawings, maps, and as-built plans.

Usually our Utility Record Service is utilized in conjunction with our

Underground Utility Data Mapping Service.

Underground Utility Data Mapping

Utilities Search will attempt to preserve utility information revealed during the utility investigation according to the client’s budget and desired level of detail. When more specific location detail is required, our Underground Utility Data Mapping Service is implemented. Utilities Search, Inc provides Level-A, Level-B, and Level-C Data Mapping Service.

  • Level-A — Color coded sketch maps
  • Level-B — Tie down utility markings to client provided site plan.
  • Level-C — Multi-Layered Survey/CAD File