Utilities Search, Inc. Proposal / Quote Standard Terms & Conditions

Utilities Search is a private locate company. The client should be aware that utility locating is not an exact science. The factors that may affect this include soil composition, moisture, depth, proximity of other utilities, plastic line, lack of trace wire, low copper in telecommunication cables, and inaccurate utility records. Due to these factors Utilities Search, Inc. does not take responsibility for the accuracy of our locating services. Utilities Search, Inc. does recognize that incidents like this may occur and we will cooperate with all parties involved to resolve any issues to all parties’ satisfaction. Fault will be determined by USI, client or independent qualified 3rd party investigation.

Important Notice: 
Please call Miss Utility 811 and VDOT (800-367-7623) before digging to mark their respective utilities. VDOT is not part of the 811 miss utility system. All contractors must contact VDOT prior to construction. Contractors digging in Northern Va. must use VDOT’s website www.vdotutilitymarking.virginia.gov All other locations call VDOT at 800 367 7623. All contractors must contact the Department of Transportation in the state that they are excavating in. If any utility records are available please provide them to USI prior to locating.

Thank you,

James D, Davis, President

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