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Utilities Search, Inc. (USI) has located utilities for almost 30 years, predominately in Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We have also served clients with their locating need throughout the East Coast of the United States in areas such as New York, Ohio, and Mississippi. Utilities Search began operating in 1989.

USI and its state-of-the-art sub-surface engineering services can reduce unexpected utility conflicts, construction delays, contractor claims, utility relocation, project redesigns, and unwanted and costly change orders by providing Utility Locating, Utility Designating, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Air Vacuum Excavating Test Pitting and other Underground Utility Locating Services. Time and costs are saved by proactively finding hidden issues before they become hidden problems.

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Our Most Popular Services

Utility Locating • Utility Designating

If you are in the initial design or civil engineering phase of your project we will locate underground utilities using electromagnetic, geophysical and sonic methods to locate underground utilities and structures

Air Vacuum Excavating • Test Pitting

Non-destruction Air Vacuum Excavation Test Pitting service. The air excavation process is able to expose utility lines with complete safety and without damaging the underground cables, pipes, tanks, and other structures.

Additional Services

Underground Utility Data Mapping

Whether it’s a Level-A — Multi-Layered Survey/CAD Drawing of all underground utilities formatted to the client’s specifications, Level-B — Color Coded Utility Markings transferred onto client’s provided site plan, or Level-C — Color coded Single-Layered Drawing sketch map. Utilities Search will provide the Underground Utility Data Mapping detail that you need at a price and format that is competitive and commensurate to your specific project’s requirements.

Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) transmits pulses of high frequency radio waves into the ground to produce a cross section of the subsurface strata without drilling or excavation. Ideal for locating non-metal pipes, cables, storage tanks, and other underground structures.

Our Projects

Government Projects

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Government Projects

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Commercial Projects

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Commercial Projects

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Utilities Search, Inc. has been providing underground utilities locating services since 1989!

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