Utilities Search Services

Utility Locating

If you are in the initial design or civil engineering phase of your project we will locate underground utilities we can reduce risks and help prevent serious accidents and costly dangers and project delays.

Utility Designating

Using electromagnetic, geophysical and sonic methods to locate underground utilities and structures, whatever your project needs.

Air Excavating Test Pitting

Air excavation provides us a non-invasive and non-destruction excavation system. After we designate and locate the underground utilities, air excavation test pitting allows us to . . .

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground  Penetrating Radar (GPR) transmits pulses of high frequency radio waves into the ground to provide a cross section of the subsurface strata without drilling or excavation.  GPR is ideal for . . .

Underground Utility Data Mapping

Whether it’s an A-Level multi-layered CAD drawing or a less costly B-Level single-layer drawing, we’ll provide the detail you need at a price that is competitive and . . .